SOLL Product Catalogue

With almost 25 years of experience in automotive industry, the name SOLL become an image of reliability and quality. The entire range of materials have been carefully selected to meet the expectation for most demanding applications. The large number of professional users and business partners in the European Union benefits acknowledged high quality and ease of use of the materials SOLL.

We are happy to present results of our 25 year hard work to select, design and test high quality products. We have agreement with top factories in the EU on production on SOLL Professional Refinishing materials to provide exclusive quality for affordable cost.

Please find catalogue with information about following materials:

Car body preparation for painting materials, Putty, Filler, Abrasive products, Tools, Masking tape, Masking paper, Protective coatings, Underbody coatings, Cavity wax, Soundproofing materials, Automotive glass installation adhesives and car body sealants, PU Glue, Polyurethane Sealants, Plastic repair materials, Ready mixed paints, Clearcoats / Lacquers, Hardeners, Thinners, Additives for paints, Auxiliary materials, Spray stands, Spray booth consumables,  Drying equipment, Aerosols, Spray Paint Aerosol, Spray Primer Aerosol, Spray Putty, Clear Coat Aerosol, Stone Chip Aerosol, Polishing Compounds.


SOLL Product Catalogue