At SOLL AUTOMOTIVE PAINTS we use Kapci System that is a very accurate and most up-to-date colour information system. With Kapci Software we can get quickly the right colour variant formula for your vehicle. To mix a precise colour match we use electronic scales connected to Kapci Software that speeds up the process and provide the best in the industry colour matching accuracy. The range of 120,000+ car colours and the online database gives us a solid tool to provide bespoke formula in seconds. We mix Basecoat and Solid Paints, Metallic, Pearl, and Xirallic Colours. Kapci software covers most of the car manufacturers, motorcycles, caravans, commercial and agricultural vehicles and any custom colours.

Soll Colour matching service strips


To save your time and money we keep the most popular colours in stock. Basecoat and 2K Acrylic factory mixed paints are available in 1 and 5L tins. The best quality 2K High Solid Acrylic Paints are Ford Frozen White, Mercedes Arctic White, Peugeot/Citroen EWP, Jet Black, Matt Black always available off the shelf. We keep the most common shade of Ford Moondust Silver for a very reasonable price in stock for your convenience.



Working with both retail and trade we provide a professional colour matching service. We supply custom mixed car paint to your exact requirement using KAPCIBlink 5A the latest multi-angle spectrophotometer. You can order online the most common shade providing a colour code. However, to have the best colour match, please pop down to our store with a sample and we will match and mix the paint.


Kapci Metallic Paint

£39/1 Litre
Kapcibase 670 Mixing System
Solvent Based Non-compliant Paint
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Fast Drying
Very Good Coverage
Overcoating: Kapci 2k Clearcoat
Xarillics Basecoat

Kapci Special Effect Paint

£52/1 Litre
Kapcibase 670 Xarillics Paint
Solvent Based Non-compliant Paint
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Very Fast Drying With Kapci Metallic Thinner
Premium Quality With Exceptional Coverage
Overcoating: Kapci 2K Clearcoat
2K Acrylic Paint

Kapci Solid Colours

£36/1 Litre
Kapcicryl 660 Mixing System
Compliant Acrylic Paint
Mixing Ratio 2:1 And 30% Thinner
High Gloss Durable Finish
Very Good Coverage
Perfect Colour Match
Custom 2K Acrylic Paint

Mixed to Match and RAL Colours

£36/1 Litre
Kapcicryl 660 Mixing System
High Gloss, Silk, Satin And Matt Finish
Mixing Ratio 2:1 And 30% Thinner
Perfect For Any Size Of Repair Job
Excellent Coverage
Very Hard And Durable Finish

Paint Matching And Mixing FAQ

For the perfect colour match we need to know your vehicle paint code or name and get spectrophotometer data. Most vehicles have colour code specified somewhere on VIN plate or sticker. The colour code gives us the correct formulation and specific pigments in the paint that used by a manufacturer. Vehicle manufacturers are supplied by many different paint companies, so the spectrophotometer data give us a precise measurement of a shade of the particular paint.

The paint code usually specified on VIN plate or sticker inside the driver’s door or inside the glove box. Some car manufacturers have it on a sticker in the spare wheel well or under the bonnet. If you can’t find the paint code, check your car owner’s manual or call the main dealer.

We keep a huge stock of colour chips for a more accurate colour match. The Kapci Colour guide system is based on more than 4000 colours and this guide covers metallic, pearl, xarrilics and solid colours.

We use the latest technology 5-angle spectrophotometer supplied by Kapci. In combination with Kapci software, it makes the most advanced tool for perfect colour matching. To scan a colour I need flat polished surface of about four square inches.

Some painters expect an exact colour match, however, there are so many variables, so the colour verification check must be done before repair in order to eliminate colour match issue in the spray booth. It is vital to create a spray out card in the same environment, using the same equipment and air pressure that is going to be used to refinish the vehicle.

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