MIPA PROTect Ultra 9H Ceramic Coating Set

MIPA PROTect Ultra 9H Ceramic Coating Set

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Mipa PROTect Ultra 9H is highly effective surface protection to recondition and to seal very different surfaces. Its special formulation assures a protective function similar to ceramic which leads very high mechanical and chemical resistance. Especially the use on paint surfaces is to be highlighted, as the protective coating with Mipa PROTect Ultra 9H has the following effects:
– very high scratch resistance (corresponds to highest pencil hardness 9H “extreme hard”)
– extremely high water repellence (roll-off effect)
– very high reconditioning effect (micro scratches, fading, loss of gloss etc. are efficiently removed and the depth effect is re-established)
– very high anti-graffiti effect
– easy-to-clean effect (treated surfaces are easier to clean)
– durable protection against weathering, UV radiation and mechanical stress
Beside painted surfaces, also metal surfaces can be sealed with Mipa PROTect Ultra 9H. Spreading rate: per vehicle (medium-sized passenger car) ca. 25 ml

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