Final Systems CS10 2K Rocket Fuel 500ml
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Final Systems CS10 2K Rocket Fuel 500ml

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2K Super Accelerator additive. For use in small quantities with 2K hardeners to accelerate through curing. Suitable for application with medium or high solids systems for air-drying or stoving. Accelerates the through curing of topcoats and 2K clears. Significantly reduces stoving times and offers increased throughput and energy-saving in the body shop.


Open a fresh can of 2K hardener, remove the seal and add Rocket-Fuel as follows:
Push the cap of the Rocket-Fuel container down and loosen slightly.
Squeeze the container gently to fill thereservoir (10ml).
2K conventional hardeners add 2 reservoirs full (20ml) per litre.
MS hardeners add 3 reservoirs full of (30ml) per litre.
Replace lid tightly and shake well to mix the contents of the 2K hardener can.
Use the catalysed hardener in the normal way with 2K colours or 2K clears.


The addition of Rocket-Fuel does not affect the application properties. Refer to the relevant data sheet for 2K colours and 2K clears.


Drying depends on the hardener and thinner used and the air temperature if and drying. When air drying at 10° C and above at 50 microns dry film build-through dry overnight.

Pot Life

It is recommended that partly used cans of hardener should be kept in cool, dry conditions and tightly sealed. If this is not done the hardener may react with moisture from the atmosphere and go cloudy or gel. When the catalysed hardener is mixed with 2K colour or 2K clear the mixture has a pot life of approximately 1 hour at 20 ° C.

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