SOLL 1K BUMPER PAINT BLACK 1L for Bumpers Plastic Trims Textured RFU
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SOLL 1K BUMPER PAINT BLACK 1L for Bumpers Plastic Trims Textured RFU



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Bumper paint SOLL BP is a 1K-structure coat for the repair work on plastic surfaces likely to be found in automotive industry such as bumpers, trims (skirting), outside mirrors, etc. Direct adhesion on cleaned and sanded plastic such as ABS, ABS-PC, PP-EPDM, against weathering are the most distinguishing marks of this product. Temperature resistant up to 70o C.


Working conditions: from +10?C and up to 80 % relative air humidity.
Substrate preparation: clean plastic thoroughly with an antistatic cleaner, sand after that with fine sanding wool (for example Soft Pad Superfine), degrease again antistatically. Remove all traces of parting agent, to provide an improved key.
Dilution: Synthetic thinner; add approx. 10-15%
Spraying pressure: 3 – 5 bar
Spraying nozzle:1,6 – 1,8 mm
Spraying operations: 2
Coat thickness / dry film: 40 – 50um
Curing time / Flash of time; 5min between the spraying operations
Dust dry: 20min / 20-C;
Set to touch: 1h / 20-C;
Full Hardness: 24h / 20-C;

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