SOLL FULL Universal Body Filler 0.5kg

SOLL FULL Universal Body Filler 0.5kg

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Two component universal polyester filling putty designed to fill large and small dents. Easy to apply, easy to sand even with fine grade sanding paper. It has good flexibility and adhesion both to primed and unprimed surfaces.


Apply to the surface in thin layers within 4-5 minutes at 23C from mixing. Application minimum temperature is 10C.

Can be used for the following substrates:
galvanized steel,
polyester laminates,
old paint coatings.

Do not apply directly to the reactive primers, one-component acrylic and nitrocellulose products.

Surface preparation: Degrease, abrade and clear the surface. Degrease again and dry thoroughly.

Putty preparation: Mix thoroughly 100 parts by weight of the filler with 2-3 parts by weight of the curing agent to obtain uniform colour.

Using too much hardener can result in discolouration of the top coat.

Drying time: 20-30 minutes at 23C. Higher temperatures accelerate the curing process.

Sanding: Perform preliminary sanding with P80-P120, finishing with P180 – P240.

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