SOLL RESIN Polyester Resin 0.5kg with Hardener

SOLL RESIN Polyester Resin 0.5kg with Hardener

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1x Polyester Resin 0.5kg

1x Hardener 15g

Repair set SOLL REP consists of unsaturated polyester resin, paste hardener and glass fiber fabric. Designed for rapid repair of surface damage. If polyester resin on the repaired surface is covered properly, strengthens and hardens polyester and metal surfaces. Polyester resin has good adhesion to the surface and mechanically resistant. Polyester resin can be sanded after hardening. It may be trowelable to achieve the required surface smoothness. Polyester resin is resistant to weathering, dilute acids, gasoline, lubricants and oil. Designed to repair rusted places of car bodies, boats, yachts, camping trailers, also repairs polyester and wooden surfaces.


Bonded surface should be cleaned; it is necessary to remove grease, sand with sandpaper to matt, then again to remove grease and dried. Prepare the glass fiber cloth. Prepare the required portion of the resin, add 2-3 parts of hardener by weight and mix thoroughly. Apply resin on the cleaned area with a brush. Place the previously prepared mat, crushed it and brush impregnated with resin. Wait about 45 minutes at temperature 20 C. Then the surface can be treated mechanically. Temperature increase accelerates hardening. Sanding paper P80 – P120.

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