SOLL CAVITY WAX Aerosol 500ml Clear with Extension Nozzle

SOLL CAVITY WAX Aerosol 500ml Clear with Extension Nozzle

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SOLL BODY CAVITY PROTECTION AEROSOL is an anti-corrosion product based on modified petroleum, especially developed for the inside protection of cars. The product provides excellent resistance to common road conditions, salt, moisture and general corrosive atmosphere. It has strong penetrating properties so that difficult accessible parts of the bodywork such as (welding) seams can be conserved. It should be applied to the inside of box panels, headlight wells taillight well etc. It provides a non-drying, tack-free coating on metals with long term corrosion protection.

Good anti corrosion protection, excellent penetrating properties, easy application, Resistant to water, brine, acids and alkaline. It doesn?t corrode plastics, rubbers, and paints. When regularly used it can effectively prevent and even stop corrosion in cavities.


Developed as corrosion protective coating in box sections of cars, truck, boats, trailers, campers etc., such as insides of doors, inside side panels, inside motor hoods and trunk, the inside of chassis bars etc. Do not apply on parts of the braking system or on parts of the exhaust system. Product can also be use on sheets of metals, tools and machinery during storage.
For the treatment of cavities a special actuator with long tube and around spraying nozzle can be used.

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