Monofil Vario+ Fade Out 500ml

Monofil Vario+ Fade Out 500ml

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MONOFIL VARIO+ Fade Out is a special mixture of solvents to dissolve the overspray and to fade out the edges created during spot repair and blendings with 2K clearcoats and 2K one-coat finishes.


Very good dissolving properties

Invisible transition zone when blending

Perfectly suitable for spot repairs

Homogeneous spray result

Easy and time-saving processing

Good polishability

Product Details

Colour Clear (colourless)

Application method After the painting, apply immediately several thin coats to dissolve uniformly the overspray edges until a homogeneous transition is achieved.

VOC Regulation :

EU limit value for this product (category B/e): 840 g/l This product contains max. 840 g/l of VOC.

Processing instructions:

Abrade generously the old paintwork in the fade-out zone using a sanding pad (grain P2000 – P4000). Shake can vigorously prior to use! After use, turn can upside down and spray to clear the nozzle. Processing conditions are from +10°C and up to 80% relative air humidity.

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