Monofil Vario+ Zinc Alu 500 ml

Monofil Vario+ Zinc Alu 500 ml

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MONOFIL VARIO+ ZINC ALU is a high-quality, recoatable, fast drying zinc aluminium coating that is applied to protect interior and exterior steel and ferrous metals from corrosion and to repair zinc surfaces.


Corrosion inhibiting spray
For constructions exposed to water and weather
Applicable on e.g. heating systems, plumbing, steel constructions, radiator, handrails, crash barrier and so on
Suitable for spot-welding
Fast drying

Gloss level approx. 10 gloss units at 60° angle

Application method  spray to test – spray distance approx. 15 – 20 cm; 1 – 2 spray coats, dry film thickness between 30 – 60 μm. To repair hot-dip galvanised areas apply as much layers as necessary to achieve a film thickness that is 30μm higher than the existing zinc coat.

Drying time

Dust dry: after approx. 5 min.
Set to touch: after approx. 20 min.
Recoatable: after 24 h

VOC Regulation :

EU limit value for the product (cat. B/e): 840 g/l (2007) This product contains max. 840 g/l of VOC.

Processing instructions:

Remove loose rust and sand the substrate slightly preclean with silicone remover. Shake can vigorously before use! Spray to test. Apply. After use hold the can upside-down and spray until the valve is empty in order to avoid the paint drying up in the valve. Processing conditions are from +10°C and up to 80% relative air humidity.

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