Monofil Vario+ Rapid Etch Lt Grey 500 ml

Monofil Vario+ Rapid Etch Lt Grey 500 ml

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Chromate-free 1K repair filler with excellent filling properties which is applicable on sanded old 2K paintworks, shop primer and directly on steel, aluminium, galvanised substrates and several plastics (e.g. hard PVC, PPO/PA, ABS, ABS/PC, PC/PBT).


1K filler to insulate sand through areas high filling capacity
Fast drying
Good vertical stability
Outstanding sandability
Recoatable with all common solvent and water-based basecoats as well as with 1K and 2K topcoats

Application method Spray to test. Spray distance aprox. 10 – 15 cm apply 2 coats. Dry film thickness approx. 60 μm.

Flash-off time 5 – 10 min. in between coats

Drying time

Dust dry: after approx. 6 min.
Set to touch: after approx. 40 min.
Sandable: after approx. 1 h.

Not suitable to be recoated with 2K UP putties/body fillers. Not suitable for plastic substrate made of PE, PP, PP-Blends (e.g. PP/EPDM), polystyrene (e.g. Styropor®), thermoplastic coatings.

VOC Regulation :

EU limit value for the product (cat. B/e): 840 g/l (2007) This product contains less than 840 g/l of VOC.

Processing instructions:

Remove loose rust if necessary, sand substrates slightly with sanding paper P 180 – P 240, clean and degrease. Before use, shake aerosol until the metal balls inside the can rattle, then shake vigorously for another 2 minutes. Spray test. After use hold the can upside-down and spray until the valve is empty in order to avoid the paint drying up in the valve. Processing conditions are from +10°C up to 80% relative air humidity.

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