Monofil Vario+ Texture Black 500ml

Monofil Vario+ Texture Black 500ml

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MONOFIL Vario+ Texture black is a high-quality fast drying textured paint to repair typical plastic surfaces of vehicle parts like bumpers, exterior mirrors and spoilers. It can also be used as effect spray.


Very good opacity
Fast drying
Highly flexible
Abrasion resistant and non chalking
Highest resistance against chemical and mechanical strains

Application method Spray to test, spray distance approx. 20 – 30 cm 2-3 coats. Dry firm thickness 40 – 50 Î¼m.

Flash-off time 3 – 5 min. in between coats

Drying time

Dust dry: after approx. 10 min.
Set to touch: after approx. 1- 2 h.
Ready for assembly: after 24 h.

VOC Regulation :

EU limit value for this product (category B/e): 840 g/l This product contains max. 840 g/l of VOC.

Processing instructions:

The substrate must be clean and free from grease and release agents. Very good adhesion on metal, wood and hard plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, PP-EPDM, PUR-RIM, PUR, hard PVC). Pre-clean with silicone remover or cleaning agent for plastics. Reheat the plastic parts to be coated. Sand with fine softpad. Remove completely mould release agents (spot test)! After use hold the can upside-down and spray until the valve is emptyin order to avoid the paint drying up in the valve.

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