Monofil Smart+ Satin Black 500ml

Monofil Smart+ Satin Black 500ml

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SMART+ Expert Aerosol (acrylic) is a fast drying refinishing paint with good protection against weathering and yellowing. This product is suited for quick and easy paint repair. It gives a tough and durable acrylic coating. It is recommended that you use our Smart+ aerosol primer as an undercoat. Can be used on all types of automotive body panels for rectification and repair work.


Fast Drying
Enhanced covering power
Excellent durability
Excellent resistance to sunlight and colour fade
Excellent adhesion to primed surfaces
Professional standard application from the adjustable fan spray nozzle
Product Details

Colour Satin Black

Application method Apply sparingly from a distance of 20 – 25cm. Apply as many coats as necessary to achieve total and even coverage.

Flash-off time 15 min. in between coats

Drying time

Allow at least 24 hours to harden.

Not to use on surfaces treated with primers of unknown composition, without first ascertaining suitability of use.

VOC Regulation :

Compliant with EU Directive 2004/42/CE.

Processing instructions:

Prepare the primed area to be treated, ensuring freedom from dust, grime, greases, oils etc, with a solvent wipe using white spirit, thinners or a proprietary panel wipe and allow to dry. If necessary, the surface may be flattened by abrading the surface lightly, using 1200 grade wet and dry abrasive paper, and solvent treated as described above to remove any dust. Shake the can thoroughly for at least two minutes. Apply. Repeat shaking at regular intervals during use. On completion of use, invert can and depress actuator for a few seconds to prevent nozzle blockage.

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